AI, Gaming, FinTech: Kids’ Major Cybersecurity Threats

January 17, 2024
1 min read


  • The use of AI tools and vulnerabilities in gaming identified as major cybersecurity threats for children
  • FinTech for young people and the growth of smart home devices also pose risks
  • Clear communication and supervision key in balancing children’s desire for online privacy
  • Parents advised to stay informed, monitor online activities, and enforce guidelines

A new report by Kaspersky has highlighted the major cybersecurity threats for children in 2024. The report identifies the use of AI tools and vulnerabilities in gaming as potential risks, as both can expose children to inappropriate content and security threats to personal data. Online gaming, which is engaged in by 91% of children aged 3-15, can also provide opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit trust through unmoderated features, leading to potential data extraction or the introduction of malicious files. The FinTech industry for young people introduces financial threats, with cybercriminals targeting children’s trust to obtain sensitive information or execute phishing scams. The surge in smart home devices also raises concerns about compromised cybersecurity, allowing cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities for surveillance or physical attacks. Balancing children’s desire for online privacy with effective parental supervision is also highlighted as a key trend for 2024. The report emphasizes the importance of clear communication and boundary establishment. Additionally, children seeking unavailable apps outside official stores are increasingly at risk of downloading malicious copies. In order to guide parents in cybersecurity, Kaspersky recommends staying informed and monitoring online activities. Communication about online risks is also crucial, along with enforcing guidelines. Kaspersky has also released its Cybersecurity Alphabet booklet to aid parents and children in navigating key cybersecurity concepts.

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