Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci to revolutionize UK investment banking with Panmure Liberum!

January 18, 2024
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  • Former Barclays executives Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci are aiming to shake up the UK investment banking sector with their leadership of Panmure Liberum.
  • They have focused on unwinding a loss-making foray into new areas of dealmaking and instead plan to emphasize the core strengths of the business.

Former Barclays executives Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci are leading a charge to reinvigorate the UK broking sector with their leadership of Panmure Liberum. Diamond, who previously served as CEO of Barclays, brought Ricci, the former boss of the Barclays investment bank, on board in 2020 to helm City broker Panmure Gordon. One of the first moves they made was to unwind a loss-making venture into new areas of dealmaking.

Diamond and Ricci are aiming to refocus Panmure Liberum on its core strengths and reestablish its position as a major player in investment banking. They believe that the firm’s reputation and experienced team will allow them to compete with larger and more established players in the industry.

As part of their strategy, Diamond and Ricci have implemented cost-cutting measures and streamlined operations at Panmure Liberum. They have also aimed to attract top talent by offering competitive salaries and incentives.

Their approach seems to be paying off, as Panmure Liberum has seen an increase in deal flow and revenue under their leadership. The firm recently announced several high-profile deals, including the acquisition of a major technology company and the successful listing of a prominent start-up.

Diamond and Ricci’s vision for Panmure Liberum extends beyond traditional investment banking. They are also exploring opportunities in the growing areas of cryptocurrency and fintech. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies, they hope to position Panmure Liberum as a leader in these emerging sectors.

Overall, Diamond and Ricci’s plan to shake up UK investment banking with Panmure Liberum involves refocusing on core strengths, implementing cost-cutting measures, attracting top talent, and exploring new areas of growth. Their efforts have already shown promising results, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to reshape the industry in the coming years.

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