Crypto firms must close the divide with traditional finance methods.

February 26, 2024
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  • The approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US is a step forward in bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance.
  • Crypto firms face challenges in gaining acceptance in the traditional financial sector due to regulatory burden and differing philosophies.

In a recent article, the focus was on how crypto firms can bridge the gap with traditional finance. Despite the approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US, there are still significant challenges in integrating cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial sector. The approval of the Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC after years of rejections marked a milestone in institutional participation in the crypto market. However, the reluctance of regulators and the skepticism of traditional financial institutions continue to hinder the progress.

The reluctance of regulators was evident in the case of Sologenic, a platform aiming to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and crypto assets. The journey to obtain a broker-dealer license faced hurdles, prompting the platform to offer tokenization solutions for institutions only. This highlights the challenges faced by crypto firms seeking acceptance in the traditional financial sector.

Another major obstacle is the differing philosophies on how finance should operate. While DeFi offers decentralization, institutions remain wary of adopting blockchain technology due to regulatory concerns. The lack of checks and balances in blockchain technology makes financial institutions hesitant to embrace it, emphasizing the need for control to ensure compliance with regulations.

Overall, while there have been some advancements in bridging the gap between crypto and traditional finance, there is still a long way to go in gaining acceptance and integration in the traditional financial sector. Changing the hearts and minds of traditional financial institutions remains a significant challenge that crypto firms need to address to move forward.

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