ERV Nordic partners with Simplifai for automated claims management.

March 14, 2024
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TLDR: ERV Nordic Chooses Simplifai to Automate Claims Management

ERV Nordic has selected Simplifai to enhance the efficiency of their travel insurance claims handling processes. Simplifai’s AI Automation Platform was chosen after competing in ERV Nordic’s RFP due to its quick implementation and future-proof design. With Simplifai’s platform, ERV Nordic aims to digitize their claims management, allowing technology to handle repetitive tasks and freeing up time for more complex activities.

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Simplifai, a secure AI automation provider, has been chosen by ERV Nordic to enhance the efficiency of their travel insurance claims handling processes. This partnership aims to digitize ERV Nordic’s travel insurance claims management offering by leveraging Simplifai’s pioneering AI Automation Platform. The decision to go with Simplifai was influenced by the platform’s ability to quickly bring ERV Nordic’s offerings to the market and its future-proof design, which includes features like InsuranceGPT. Hadi M’Barek, Nordic IT Director/CIO at ERV Nordic, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting Simplifai’s AI Automation Platform as highly suitable, adaptable, reliable, and scalable to ERV Nordic’s needs.

Simplifai’s AI Automation Platform is known for providing quick, concise, and accurate natural language responses, streamlining operations, handling additional workload efficiently, and operating round the clock. This ultimately improves the customer experience and boosts employee satisfaction. Bård Myrstad, Simplifai CEO, noted that Simplifai typically manages around 60-80% of claims for many insurance customers, and they aim to deliver a similar outcome for ERV Nordic as they begin their automation journey in claims management.

Overall, the partnership between ERV Nordic and Simplifai aims to transform the travel insurance claims handling processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. By leveraging Simplifai’s AI Automation Platform, ERV Nordic hopes to automate repetitive tasks and focus on more complex and challenging activities, ultimately enhancing their offering and customer experience.

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