IFX Payments: Unleashing profit from data | FF News Fintech Connect.

January 25, 2024
1 min read

IFX Payments is seeking to generate revenue from richer data. At Fintech Connect, Rosie McConnell, Product Director at IFX Payments, discussed the company’s cash management solution for financial institutions. This solution allows users to set up virtual IBAN accounts and aims to reduce the cost of cross-border transactions.

McConnell also highlighted IFX Payments’ modular approach to satisfy regulatory demands while maintaining an innovative approach. Additionally, she discussed the potential for generating revenue from ISO legislation and cautioned against stifling new startups with excessive details.

One case study mentioned during the interview involved Brentford Football Club. McConnell explained how IFX Payments worked with the club to streamline their payment processes and improve cash flow.

Overall, IFX Payments aims to leverage data to create new revenue streams and improve financial services for businesses and consumers.

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