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February 20, 2024
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  • BNP Paribas outlines innovation and trends in sustainable finance
  • Key focus on balancing ambition and pragmatism in sustainable bonds

As the sustainable finance market gears up for growth, BNP Paribas’ teams highlight key innovations and trends. Frederic Zorzi emphasizes the importance of executing sustainable plans with long-term consequences, while Constance Chalchat stresses the need to balance ambition and pragmatism to avoid accusations of greenwashing. The market is seeing a shift towards transition labels for heavy-emitting companies and sustainable outcomes for emerging market sovereign debt.

In Europe, Agnes Gourc notes the rise in labelled transactions, while Franck Rizzoli discusses the impact of SFDR on investor demand. In the Americas, Anne van Riel highlights the focus on social bonds in Latin America and the need for clarity in labeling and frameworks. Regulatory developments in North America and Europe are expected to shape the market further, with potential disclosure rules from the SEC and the EU Green Bond Standard impacting issuer decisions.

The Asia Pacific region is becoming a key market for transition bonds, with a focus on decarbonization and innovative financing structures. Looking ahead, Trevor Allen predicts continued growth in green bonds to support climate targets, with a focus on diverse energy stacks and clear impact demonstration. The emergence of dedicated social bond funds and the development of transition bonds will be key themes to watch in the coming years.

Overall, the sustainable bond market is set for growth, with a forecast of $600 billion in green bond issuance in 2024. The push for transition towards a low-carbon economy, alongside regulatory developments and investor demand, will drive the market towards a more sustainable future.

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