Secretary of State investigates lawmaker for campaign finance violation allegations.

March 1, 2024
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  • Democratic strategist requests investigation of Republican state lawmaker Justin Heap for alleged campaign finance violation.
  • Heap filed a late campaign finance report without including donations from multiple PACs, amounting to a few thousand dollars.

In a recent development, Democratic strategist Tony Cani has requested an investigation into Republican state lawmaker Justin Heap for an alleged campaign finance violation. Heap, who is running for Maricopa County recorder, filed a late campaign finance report that failed to include donations from multiple political action committees. Cani highlighted the omission, stating that Heap, if elected, would be responsible for accepting campaign finance reports from county candidates. The penalty for submitting a report late could result in daily fines, while the repercussions of disclosing false information remain unclear. The matter has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, with Heap yet to comment on the situation.

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