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January 15, 2024
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TLDR: Social media platforms can provide valuable insights for FinTech and digital payments companies to understand consumer behavior and industry trends.

In the rapidly changing digital landscape, financial institutions need to offer services that meet the evolving needs of consumers. Social media can serve as a bridge to connect financial institutions with their target audience and provide a platform for announcements about product offerings, partnerships, and other developments.

Here are the top six announcements made by FinTech companies this week:

  • Backbase: Backbase has entered into an agreement with Danske Bank to redefine the future of financial services through its Engagement Banking Platform. This will empower Danske Bank to enhance its digital customer experience and introduce innovative solutions.
  • Finastra Vietnam’s LPBank: LPBank has partnered with Finastra to modernize its treasury capabilities, improve transaction quality, and support the development of diversified demand for trading derivatives and complex structured transactions.
  • Mylapay: Mylapay has announced seed funding led by CDM Capital, joined by co-investors Saison Capital and 77 Capital. The goal is to create a comprehensive tech ecosystem for end-to-end acquiring payment processing needs.
  • PayMate: PayMate has formed a strategic partnership with the National Bank of Oman to enable NBO’s corporate clients and SMEs to utilize their Visa Business Credit Cards for making supplier payments and automating their B2B payments.
  • PortX: PortX has partnered with Plaid to enhance digital infrastructure and optionality for financial institutions and their customers. This partnership will aid in digital transformation and enable rapid innovation.
  • Yellow Card: Yellow Card has partnered with Coinbase to expand and simplify access to USDC and digital assets in Africa, empowering more people to participate in the future of finance.

These announcements demonstrate how FinTech companies are leveraging social media platforms to expand their reach and engage with their target audience. By staying connected and responsive to consumer preferences, FinTech companies can continue to drive innovation in the industry.

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