Top FinTech firm acquiring Portfolio Management Co, hiring industry experts.

March 15, 2024
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  • Apex Fintech Solutions has acquired portfolio management company AdvisorArch to enhance its RIA Custody & Execution Platform.
  • The acquisition will provide digital advice tools for wealth management firms, automate rebalancing processes, and offer benefits like access to direct indexing.

Apex Fintech Solutions recently announced the acquisition of AdvisorArch, a portfolio management company specializing in rebalancing for financial advisors. This acquisition aims to improve Apex’s RIA Custody & Execution Platform by providing a suite of digital advice tools that enhance client experiences at scale. AdvisorArch automates processes essential for better client service, such as standardizing investment allocations and automating rebalancing for financial advisors and retail investors. In addition, the automated rebalancer supports tax loss harvesting, direct indexing, fractional share trading, and position management.

Key quotes from industry professionals highlight the benefits of this acquisition. Priya Malani, Founder & CEO of StashWealth, praised AdvisorArch for solving critical pain points and saving time for midsize RIAs. Bill Capuzzi, CEO of Apex, emphasized the strategic importance of the acquisition in providing advanced rebalancing and direct indexing solutions. Olivia Eisinger, General Manager of Advisory at Apex, expressed excitement about bringing more automated solutions to the wealth management industry.

By joining the Apex family, AdvisorArch aims to seamlessly integrate its automated rebalancer into the RIA Custody and Execution Platform, offering tax-loss harvesting capabilities and direct indexing. The acquisition signifies Apex’s commitment to empowering advisors and adapting its fintech offerings to meet the evolving needs of financial advisors in the digital age.


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