Axyon AI secures €3.9M to Revolutionize the Future of AI!

January 25, 2024
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Axyon AI, an AI fintech company based in Modena, Italy, has raised €3.9 million in funding.

Key points:

  • Axyon AI raised €3.9 million in funding.
  • The funding round was led by Montage Ventures, with participation from Techshop SGR and other angel investors.
  • The company will use the funds to expand its commercial reach and develop its technology.
  • Axyon AI helps optimize indices on equities and ETFs and provides AI-powered asset rankings.
  • The company aims to provide accurate and reliable AI solutions for investment management.

Axyon AI has secured €3.9 million ($4.4 million) in funding to support its commercial expansion and technological development. The funding round included €2.3 million in new cash from investors led by Montage Ventures, along with Techshop SGR and other angel investors. The remaining €1.6 million was raised through the conversion of convertible notes issued in 2022 and subscribed by the “Rilancio Startup fund” by CDP Venture Capital, ING Ventures, UniCredit, and others.

Axyon AI is an AI fintech company that specializes in uncovering alpha opportunities in equities and ETFs and providing AI-powered asset rankings. By integrating AI-powered insights and active indices, Axyon AI enables asset managers to navigate complex market dynamics with precision and insight.

The funding round and partnership with Montage Ventures and Techshop mark a significant milestone for Axyon AI. CEO Daniele Grassi expressed his excitement about the support and confidence shown by these investors, as well as the opportunity for accelerated growth and innovation. Grassi outlined the company’s vision of providing accurate and reliable AI solutions for investment management.

This funding round will enable Axyon AI to expand its commercial reach and further develop its technology. With the increasing importance of AI in the financial sector, Axyon AI aims to help asset managers make informed decisions and optimize their investment strategies. By leveraging AI-powered insights, Axyon AI seeks to provide asset managers with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the market and uncover lucrative opportunities.

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