DashDevs: Expanding Global Fintech Reach, Acquiring ITOMYCH Studios!

January 25, 2024
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DashDevs, a leading international fintech software development company, has acquired ITOMYCH Studios, a Ukrainian outsourcing powerhouse. The merger aims to strengthen DashDevs’ position in the market and expand its customer base. The company is focused on providing businesses with innovative fintech solutions and addressing real business challenges. This strategic union will accelerate the development of cutting-edge fintech solutions and foster a culture of knowledge exchange.

DashDevs, a leading international fintech software development company, has announced its acquisition of Ukrainian outsourcing powerhouse ITOMYCH Studios. This merger marks a significant step forward in DashDevs’ growth strategy and aims to reshape the fintech landscape globally. DashDevs has been at the forefront of fintech software development for 13 years, serving startups and banking institutions across the USA, UK, EU, and the MENA region. With the addition of ITOMYCH Studios, DashDevs aims to penetrate new markets and serve a broader clientele.

The merger brings together two tech giants and combines their visions, expertise, and aspirations. The main objectives of the merger include accelerating the development of cutting-edge fintech solutions, fostering a culture of knowledge exchange, and providing employees with new projects and opportunities for professional growth. The merger also aims to strengthen DashDevs’ position in the market, expand its customer base, and enhance brand trust.

DashDevs’ CEO, Igor Tomych, highlights the synergy resulting from the merger as a catalyst for change and a promise of enhanced value for clients. He states, “This merger is a strategic move poised to redefine industry standards and provide clients with innovative solutions that propel their businesses forward.”

DashDevs specializes in cutting-edge digital banking solutions and offers a comprehensive suite of services that cover product development, neobank app development, IT outsourcing, fintech consulting, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company’s extensive range of offerings positions it as a preferred provider for businesses seeking tailored and innovative fintech solutions.

With the acquisition of ITOMYCH Studios, DashDevs doubles its fintech power. The merger not only brings numerical growth but also introduces additional expertise and innovators to the company. DashDevs is committed to excellence and continuous growth, and this strategic union will help the company achieve new heights in the fintech industry.

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