Fintech jobs thrive while FinTech Scotland celebrates its fruitful six years.

January 15, 2024
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TLDR: Scotland’s fintech sector has experienced a 24% surge in job creation, driven by increased numbers of fintech SMEs and international businesses settling in the country. FinTech Scotland has been collaborating with large financial institutions to enable product development and support innovative partnerships. Scotland is now a major global destination for fintech companies, attracting 38 international companies, including Clearwater Analytics and Mail Metrics. FinTech Scotland will continue to support fintech SMEs to scale, with a focus on investment, international connections, and partnerships.

Scotland’s fintech sector has experienced a 24% increase in job creation over the past two years, reflecting the country’s ambition to become a global fintech leader. This growth is due to several factors, including the rising number of fintech SMEs and a growing maturity within the sector, along with increased international interest in Scotland as a fintech destination. Collaboration between fintechs and large financial institutions has also played a significant role in driving growth, with innovation labs helping to create a supportive environment for product development and partnerships.

The fintech ecosystem in Scotland has positioned the country as a global opportunity for innovation, attracting 38 international fintech companies to establish a presence in the country. These include firms such as AccessFintech, Clearwater Analytics, Two Hands, and Mail Metrics. As FinTech Scotland celebrates its sixth anniversary, the organization has plans to further support the growth of fintech SMEs in the coming year, focusing on areas such as investment, international connections, and collaborative partnerships.

The CEO of FinTech Scotland, Nicola Anderson, highlighted the importance of the growing fintech sector in the country and expressed optimism for its future. Jane Martin, the managing director of innovation and investment at Scottish Enterprise, emphasized the attractiveness of Scotland as a fintech destination, with its talented workforce, academic excellence, and strong financial services sector. Jackie Leiper, chief customer and distribution officer at Lloyds Banking Group, spoke about the benefits of a growing fintech sector for the overall industry, including talent development, innovation, and collaboration for positive outcomes.

The article also mentions specific examples of successful fintech partnerships, such as Snugg and TSB working together to improve home energy efficiency for customers, and GoCodeGreen collaborating with Lloyds Banking Group on digital sustainability. Representatives from AccessFintech and TSB also shared their experiences of growth and collaboration in Scotland’s fintech sector.

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