G20 finance ministers unite to tackle global economic turmoil and strife

February 28, 2024
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  • G20 finance ministers meet in Brazil to address global economic challenges
  • Main topics include conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as climate change and poverty

G20 finance ministers gathered in Brazil to discuss how to stabilize the global economy amidst various conflicts and crises. The war in Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas conflict are major concerns, with G7 countries meeting on the sidelines to strategize against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite notable absences such as the British, Chinese, Indian, and Russian finance ministers, key economic policy-makers like US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire are present at the meeting.

The Brazilian Finance Minister, Fernando Haddad, addressed the meeting via video conference due to contracting Covid-19. The ministers also discussed economic risks related to the cost-of-living crisis, climate change, and conflicts in the Middle East. Brazil aims to advocate for poverty alleviation, reducing debt burdens in low-income countries, and increasing the representation of developing nations in influential institutions like the IMF and World Bank.

International taxation is a key agenda item to address the issue of countries offering low tax rates to attract corporations and wealthy individuals. Discussions will lay the groundwork for the annual G20 leaders’ summit in Rio in November. The G7 is considering using frozen Russian assets to fund support for Ukraine, emphasizing the urgent need for aid amid the conflict. The G20, consisting of major economies, aims to find consensus and promote dialogue to address pressing global challenges.

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