Redwood Capital Bank chooses Apiture to revolutionize online and mobile banking.

January 15, 2024
1 min read

Redwood Capital Bank has selected Apiture to power its online and mobile banking solutions, as the US-based community bank looks to expand its digital offerings.

Through this partnership, Redwood Capital Bank aims to meet the growing customer preference for digital banking options, in addition to its existing branches and phone-based banking services. The Apiture digital banking platform offers consumer, business, and API banking functions, as well as account opening and data intelligence solutions. The bank’s CEO, John Dalby, believes that this adoption will greatly benefit its customers and align with its business values and mission.

Key takeaways:

  • Redwood Capital Bank has chosen Apiture as its partner to enhance its online and mobile banking solutions.
  • The adoption of the Apiture digital banking platform will help the bank meet the increasing customer demand for digital banking options.
  • Apiture provides a range of solutions, including consumer, business, and API banking functions, account opening, and data intelligence.
  • Redwood Capital Bank aims to leverage its partnership with Apiture to deliver a modern and intuitive banking experience to its customers.
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